Signing Pieces, Invitations & Envelopes

"The wedding was beautiful and everyone raved about your design. Thanks again for all you did--and on such short notice."


"Thank you for creating such a beautiful signing piece for my wedding. The signing piece is extraordinarily special."

—Susan and John

"I am so happy we found you and you were able to help us with our invitation and addressing. The font and color just yells out "ELEGANCE.' Thank you so much."

—Yvonne K.


The Jewish marriage contract, the ketubah, is an ancient tradition which has a contemporary meaning: it represents the aspirations and promises of each couple. I am interested in designing each ketubah specifically for each couple to reflect their story: all my ketubot are unique, custom designs.

We collaborate, as much as you want, to explore visual and verbal content. Depending upon your wishes, we investigate traditional or non-traditional themes and formats. I invite you to contact me to discuss your ketubah.

"We are completely and thoroughly thrilled with the ketubah! We feel that it contains and represents the very essence of our highest ideals, aspirations, and ability to work creatively together. Your choice of color, attention to detail and symbolic unity helped to create art that is deep, vibrant, and warm. Working on developing the ketubah with you was one of the highlights of our engagement!"

—Susie A. and Steve S.

"We love the ketubah! You are amazing. Thank you so much for your kind help. We will cherish the ketubah forever."

—Lyn M. and Adam W.